Hello from Andrea

Greetings! I am Andrea, the author of Narcissist-Free.com. In July of 2014, I experienced a horrific discard and spent a full year trying to hide my anxiety, fear, grief, anger and longing while working full-time and raising my son as a single mom. Unless you have experienced emotional abuse, it is very difficult to understand what targets (aka victims, survivors, thrivers) endure. After a year of franticly searching for ways to make the pain and obsession go away, I found exactly what I needed to heal. I started this site in October 2016 (which also happens to be Domestic Violence Awareness Month) to give others the opportunity to heal with the help of the same authors, experts, bloggers, thrivers that I have met along the way. These amazing people fashioned, shaped and guided my recovery. May these same folks guide you too on your journey of emotional wellness.


You are not crazy.

Have you experienced

emotional abuse?

If your answer is yes or maybe or even I don’t know, you’re in the right place. Despite the multiple websites on the topic and the staggering statistics that more than 1 of every 3 women in the world experiences abuse, there is little awareness about emotional and psychological abuse. Narcissist Free hopes to be a resource for those seeking answers, those seeking healing.

Help in the Right Place

Narcissist-Free.com is a resource — a portal if you will — for targets of emotional abuse to find help. Narcissist Free features stories from others just like you, articles by professionals who are in the trenches helping those whose lives have been demolished, and links to books and other resources that will speed up your recovery. It takes time to heal, but you won’t have to waste a minute of it looking for help in the wrong places.

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When you’ve discovered you’ve been targeted, finding the best experts, books and bloggers is a game of chance. Narcissist Free has worked diligently to gather all the resources for your recovery into one place. From here you’ll be connected to some of the most helpful authorities on the subject of emotional abuse.

At Narcissist-Free.com you will find

Psychological Abuse Recovery

Articles on narcissism, emotional abuse and recovery.

Articles Written by Professionals

Mental health experts weigh in on the subject of emotional abuse.

Stories of Men & Women Survivors

Survivors in various stages of recovery share their experiences.

Book Reviews & Helpful Resources

Resources on recovery from narcissistic and emotional abuse.


Your account is just about the only things that gets me out of bed everyday. Thank you for such profound posts!

Thank you for doing what you do.

Your courage to share has helped me in my own courage to tell the truth about what happened in my own life.

You save me with every post. Each day I want to end my life, but you make me stronger with your posts.

Thank you for your courage and all you share. You have been an angel to me.

I am so thankful to you. You have helped me heal through learning.