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Greetings! I am Andrea, the author of Narcissist-Free.com. In July of 2014, I experienced a horrific discard and spent a full year trying to hide my anxiety, fear, grief, anger and longing while working full-time and raising my son as a single mom. Unless you have experienced emotional abuse, it is very difficult to understand what targets (aka victims, survivors, thrivers) endure. After a year of franticly searching for ways to make the pain and obsession go away, I found exactly what I needed to heal. I started this site in October 2016 (which also happens to be Domestic Violence Awareness Month) to give others the opportunity to heal with the help of the same authors, experts, bloggers, thrivers that I have met along the way. These amazing people fashioned, shaped and guided my recovery. May these same folks guide you too on your journey of emotional wellness.


Meet Brandie. She thought she met a faithful, trustworthy faith-based man. Over time, after caring deeply for him, she began to experience physical abuse disguised as a Biblical reprimanding. When she turned to the church for support from the abuse, she wasn’t believed because her abuser was well-known as a faithful Christian man and very respected.

You can find Brandie on Twitter at  or on her blog, www.SpeakOut4others.wordpress.com Brandie is a Survivor of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and an Elite Narcissist. She is currently working on a memoir about her experience, hoping to encourage church leaders to take domestic abuse seriously.

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  • mtm105

    My sister is very pro-religious. Righteous s indignation. If she is so holier-than-thou, why hasn’t she called or visit her younger brother in 35 years. Military career, Graduate degree and 30+ years s in Al-Anon. I thought it was alcohol. She’s a covert narcissist. As a teen, close friends would ask me,”what’s wrong with her?”

    December 19, 2021 at 6:28 pm Reply
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